Do you screen your volunteers?

You May Not be Screening Your Volunteers…
But You Need to Start!

From our partners, Verified Volunteers

What is your organization doing to screen its volunteers? For better or worse, volunteers are the face of most nonprofit organizations. Failing to run a simple background check could cost you. In case you’ve never thought about screening volunteers (or if you’d just like some additional info on the subject) we’ve once again partnered with Verified Volunteers, who assembled this guide for weighing the costs and benefits associated with background screening. If you’re on the fence about screening volunteers, we hope this whitepaper will help you make an informed decision.

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The Facts About Background Checks

What is a background check? Are all background checks the same? This article by The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) answers these questions and more. 

Why Screen Volunteers?

Research reveals an alarming truth: approximately 95% of all companies are victims of some form of theft. In addition, only 10% of those companies ever discover that theft is occurring. The stats provided in this resource will make you think twice about neglecting to screen volunteers. 

Three Reasons Why You Should Screen Your Volunteers

Volunteers are often the “face” of an organization. Without volunteers nonprofits couldn’t function in the same capacity. A huge liability exists, however, for nonprofits that send volunteers out into the community without performing proper background checks. This article highlights three compelling reasons why nonprofits should screen volunteers.