Service & Expertise

Our approach

CVNL understands that each nonprofit client and situation is unique. We value the expertise and perspective that you bring to the consulting partnership and we practice a client-driven approach in providing consulting services. We offer expert leadership guidance and hands-on management experience to add value to the important work you do every day. We practice strategies that are tailored to further your mission and contribute to impact and sustainability for your organization.

Our commitment

CVNL is committed to providing expert guidance and professional resources that support nonprofits in advancing their mission. As a nonprofit ourselves, CVNL understands the challenges and the strengths of nonprofit organizations. We are dedicated to supporting nonprofit leaders — including Boards, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders — in their work to build resilient, impactful organizations.

All fees received from our consulting work go directly back into programs that develop emerging and established nonprofit leaders, support and train volunteers, and inform the field. We are dedicated to advancing the work of nonprofits in our communities so they are better able to address pressing social issues, serve vulnerable populations, care for our natural landscapes and provide inspiration through cultural activities and events.

Our expertise

Our consultants are seasoned nonprofit professionals with hands on experience leading nonprofit organizations, serving the community and advancing social change. We specialize in nonprofit governance, strategic and operational leadership, organizational development, assessment and impact, volunteer management, leadership transitions and advocacy.