Excellence in Leadership Program (ELP)

Santa Rosa - Spring 2020


ELP Schedule Spring 2020

DAY 1: Wednesday February 12th, 9am - 4:15pm Overview & Leadership Values - Nonprofit Trends - Leading with Courage
8:45 AM Breakfast (drop in) 15 min.
9:00 AM Welcome 15 min.
10:45 AM Break 15 min.
11:00 AM Know Your Sector Create a shared understanding of current nonprofit trends affecting the sector and nonprofit leaders Linda Jacobs / Lily Rego
12:15 PM Lunch 45 min.
1:00 PM Leading with Courage & Influence
  • Recognize that vulnerability is the birthplace of many of the behaviors that define courageous leadership including creativity, accountability, and difficult conversations.
  • Explore the importance of emotional literacy for effective communication and connection.
  • Learn the courageous leadership skills and tools that help guide tough conversations including giving and receiving feedback.
  • Ana Estrada Daniels
    4:00 PM Closing Thoughts 15 min.
    DAY 2: Thursday February 13th, 9am - 4:15pm A Culture of Belonging - Board Governance
    8:45 AM Breakfast (drop in) 15 min.
    9:00 AM Welcome 15 min.
    9:15 AM Awake & Thriving: Creating a Culture of Belonging Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Discover how your identity shapes your worldview
  • Develop consciousness around how you present and lead
  • Examine barriers, challenges, and opportunities focused on creating a culture of belonging
  • Gain tools to establish and sustain Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices
  • Ana Estrada Daniels
    12:15 PM Lunch 45 min.
    1:00 PM Board Governance
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of board members
  • Differentiate between operational and governance decisions
  • Apply practices that build effective boards in the areas of structure, role clarity, team dynamics and board continuity
  • Linda Jacobs
    4:00 PM Closing Thoughts 15 min.
    DAY 3: Wednesday February 26th, 9:30am - 3:15pm Strategic Planning
    9:30 AM Coffee and Mingling 30 min.
    10:00 AM Strategic Planning This one-day session is aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of all stages of strategic planning. You will develop familiarity with a wide variety of inclusive planning processes and a strong sense of how to tailor the day’s information to create a plan for your own organization. Topics include:
  • Pre-planning
  • Creating the planning team
  • Internal and external environmental scans
  • Planning retreat for the creation of strategic pillars
  • Creation of goals, objections and action plans
  • Promotion of the plan
  • Keeping the plan alive
  • Morrie Warshawski
    3:00 PM Closing Thoughts 15 min.
    DAY 4: Wednesday March 11th, 9am - 4:15pm Financial Health & Programmatic Impact
    8:45 AM Breakfast (drop in) 15 min.
    9:00 AM Group Sharing 15 min.
    9:15 AM Nonprofit Financial Management – the Key to Mission Sustainability
    • Understand the Mission Sustainability Cycle
    • Become familiar with basic nonprofit accounting principals
    • Learn how to read and analyze financial statements and budgets
    • Learn about restricted and unrestricted revenue—how it differs from for profit accounting and how it impacts your budget
    • Learn about annual required report filings including the IRS 990 Tax Return
    Deanna Euritt
    12:15 PM Lunch 45 min.
    1:00 PM Amplifying Outcomes: Program Design and Collective Impact Collaborations In this training session we will discuss impact-centered program design. You will gain insight into effective ways to envision, outline, and plan programs that deliver the best possible impact for those you serve.
    Additionally, we will learn about, and explore how Collective Impact Collaborations can be envisioned, planned, and implemented. In sum, at the training session we are addressing strategies that significantly amplify impact for your organizations, and, most importantly, the people and communities you support.
    Mara Perez
    3:00 PM Closing Thoughts 15 min.
    DAY 5: Thursday March 12th, 9am - 4:30pm Marketing Strategies & Fund Development
    8:45 AM Breakfast (drop in) 15 min.
    9:00 AM Welcome 15 min.
    9:15 AM Marketing and Growth Strategies to Motivate Donors In this interactive workshop you will learn how to view your marketing goals from a broad range perspective of marketing development to actions. You will work to identify key performance indicators that will help you determine solutions to retain, acquire, and motivate donors.
  • Structuring a marketing message to your mission statement
  • How to connect marketing campaigns to financial goals
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of social media and audience engagement
  • Understanding how your organization’s marketing strategy coincides with all other departmental initiatives
  • Knigi Glee
    12:15 PM Lunch 45 min.
    1:00 PM Strategic Fund Development Development is the relationship building that supports fundraising. In this session we will focus on what it takes to create a culture of development in your organization. Specific fund development strategies will be offered along with tools for donor prospecting and cultivation. We will examine what makes donors give and role play effective ways to ask for support. Information presented in this session will help you draft a development and fundraising plan that is strategic and practical.
  • Define fund development strategies
  • Create an organizational culture of development
  • Learn tools for donor prospecting and cultivation
  • Explore why donors give
  • Role play “the ask”
  • Nancy Glaze
    4:00 PM Final Remarks & Certificate Presentation 4:30pm Cinzia Perlingieri
    ELP - Santa Rosa

    May 5 - June 4 2020

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