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Secret Santa 2019

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Campaign Content

KZST Secret Santa Marathon

December 18th & 19th

Support Sonoma County’s Secret Santa by entering your donation amount. The following screen you will be prompted to request a song and dedication. Remember the joy of waking up Christmas morning to more presents than you could imagine under your tree? Now imagine the sadness you’d feel as an adult knowing your child won’t feel that same joy because money is just too tight this year. Already over 18,000 of your neighbors across Sonoma County have asked Secret Santa to fill their holiday wishes this season, and letters are still arriving daily. A warm coat, a new bicycle, or even a car repair or dental bill can make a big difference in the lives of kids, teens, adults and seniors in need in your community. Your donation allows our volunteers to buy items that haven’t been adopted or filled, and we’ll save you from doing the shopping. Donate today!  

Campaign Details

Goal USD 200000
Starting Date 2019-10-01
Closing Date 2020-03-30

Campaign Countdown

Campaign Short Description

Secret Santa receives requests and letters from all walks of life and for many different reasons. It may be a Mom or Dad, or a co-worker seeing a friend go through tough times.


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