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During the Covid-19 challenging times, CVNL is offering FREE webinars to our members and all affiliates, keeping you in touch with the most important workplace updates and expert advice, topical discussions about philanthropy and leading in a crisis, and crucial strategies as we approach re-opening. Webinars are delivered by nonprofit experts with live Q & A.

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A Conversation about Racial Justice and Nonprofit Leadership

Many nonprofit leaders face a constant challenge of having complex missions and limited resources. As leaders in the nonprofit sector, we are tasked every day with achieving our mission. Recent public attention on racial justice and the many ways our social systems and institutions are failing to live up to our common ideals around equity, justice, and safety for black, indigenous, and people of color have put an important spotlight on these longstanding injustices.

We can all agree that, now more than ever, it is critical to acknowledge the pain of both systemic and interpersonal racism in our communities and take immediate action. Nonprofit organizations have a unique voice and a critical role to play. How our organizations respond to this moment – in support of employees, volunteers, and the communities we serve, through infrastructure changes, board and staff leadership, advocacy efforts as well as service delivery- is critically important. What does this look like?

Past Webinars

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