Stronger Together Webinars

CVNL is offering FREE webinars to our members and affiliates, keeping you in touch with the most important workplace updates, expert advice, and crucial strategies as we approach re-opening. Webinars are delivered by nonprofit experts with live Q&A.

Topics range from: 
Fundraising during COVID-19
Calibrating Leadership During Uncertain Times
Employment Law
Business Continuity
A Conversation about Racial Justice
Emerging from the Pandemic
and more… 


Returning to the Workplace: California Law Considerations - A Leader's Guide

Over the past year, organizations have faced major disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, affecting employees, clients, partners, and others. Now, as organizations plan to reopen, they face a new challenge: how to prepare to return to a changing workplace.

Join us for an informative Stronger Together webinar focused on employee laws relevant to the pandemic and re-entering the workplace on April 21, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM. 

Past Webinars

A Conversation about Racial Justice and Nonprofit Leadership
How are organizations responding to this moment is critically important? What does this look like?
Emerging From the Pandemic: Preparing for What’s to Come
What does this new normal look like for our sector, and more importantly, how can we prepare ourselves for what’s to come?
Communication Trends, Opportunities, and Planning
If forecasting the future is tough at the best of times, how should you approach communication tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year?

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