Fearless Fundraising End-of-Year Boot Camp

10/21/2020 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PT

Get Access to A Powerful Fundraiser's Best Kept Secret:
Transform Your End-of-Year Giving Plan to Raise More Without the Overwhelm and Uncertainty (even during COVID!)

The Fearless Fundraising approach focuses on understanding your current leadership level and fundraising superpowers so that you can leverage your skills and courageously identify and ask for what you need to make your organization thrive. How we ‘show up’ to our fundraising can and does change as we increase our awareness. With greater consciousness, we see more choices and options. Just becoming more aware of your leadership tendencies under normal circumstances and under stress can empower you to choose what is working for you and let go of what's not.

Together we will...

  • Explore - in a much deeper way - some of the concepts presented in my Fearless Fundraising Lunch and Learn*
  • Energy Leadership™: Develop a personal effective style of leadership and an approach to fundraising that grows your capacity and supports your organization as a whole
  • Examine Catabolic vs. Anabolic Energy
  • Learn about the 7 Styles of Fundraising
  • Dive into your internal and external barriers to fundraising successfully and how to address those barriers effectively
  • Walk through how to design a fundraising plan - even in 2020 - by leveraging the assets you haven't considered (for this boot camp we will focus on your EOY fundraising plan specifically)
  • Take a deep dive around virtual events and how to design a virtual event that is right for your organization

*Note: It does not matter if you came to the July Lunch and Learn!

Join us for this transformative 3-hour boot camp with fundraising and leadership coach Mallory Erickson and learn how to achieve your fundraising goals!

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