Volunteer Recruitment Help

Thank you for serving our community in our time of need. Please review and take the steps listed below regarding your agency’s volunteer needs.

please refer community members interested in volunteering to the following page: https://cvnl.org/covid19help.

All COVID-19 Emergency Volunteer needs are listed here in one place.
Tip: Publish and share this link on your website to funnel volunteers to the same place.

My agency has never used the Volunteer Portal

If your agency has never used the Volunteer Portal and is in need of volunteers, you can either follow these steps to post your opportunity or email Jessica Grace-Gallagher, Volunteer Manager, Sonoma County. The following information is needed:

  • Agency name, staff contact name, email, and phone (contact person who is managing the volunteer opportunity)
  • Volunteer opportunity name (example “Food Drive Coordinator”)
  • Volunteer opportunity description (describe the type of work they will be doing, and whether they can drop in or if they need to contact the coordinator first)
  • The physical address of opportunity
  • Minimum age of volunteers
  • Minimum age of volunteers with adults
  • Please provide a Spanish translation of the above information if applicable (our portal is available to Spanish speakers)
  • You may also include a link to your own volunteer sign-up page/website if you prefer

Once your opportunity is posted, Jessica will send you a confirmation and set up your username and password which gives you access to the portal to makes changes yourself. Reminder: the portal gives you direct access to volunteers available to volunteer for your opportunity!

My agency is already using the Volunteer Portal

If you are already using the volunteer portal (sonoma.cvnl.org), you can post volunteer opportunities as you normally do, but make sure you select “Urgent Emergency Volunteer Opportunities” in the Volunteer Event field to link your opportunity to our Urgent! Emergency Volunteer Opportunities 

Tip: Please consider creative ways volunteers can help your agency during this crisis. Examples:

Contact Jessica for additional support and questions: jgrace-gallagher@cvnl.org

My agency has volunteers whose regular volunteer duties are suspended and are interested and available to help

Please refer your volunteers to the following page: https://cvnl.org/covid19help.