Verified Volunteers

CVNL’s Partnership with Verified Volunteers…

In the nonprofit world, there is no shortage of good will. Volunteers dedicate hundreds, if not thousands of hours to support their communities. We know providing a safe environment for your clients, volunteers and stakeholders is a critical objective. One of the ways to insure this is by running compliant background checks. Typical background screening processes are costly and time consuming for both the volunteer and for the organization. And since many individuals volunteer with more than one organization, the repeat screening process can be a barrier. Verified Volunteers’ Fast-Pass is a tremendous benefit to individuals volunteering with CVNL and its partners, permitting them to share their background check with any other nonprofit organization in the Verified Volunteers community. CVNL’s groundbreaking partnership with Verified Volunteers offers a first-of-its-kind platform for volunteer background screening to make vetting volunteers faster, easier and less costly for nonprofits and their volunteers in Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma Counties. This partnership makes the background screening process faster and more user-friendly for nonprofits and their volunteers through a streamlined platform, cost-sharing features and Fast-Pass background check sharing capabilities. Organizations bring their volunteer programs to Verified Volunteers for a number of reasons:
  • when they are concerned with the sheer amount of time they are spending administering background checks
  • upset with the low quality of screening they are doing
  • alarmed at the rising cost of screening as more volunteers are checked
  • frustrated because their volunteers tell them they were already screened last week by another organization
If any of the above concerns hit home for you and your organization, we encourage you to work with us and Verified Volunteers. The company is backed by SterlingBackcheck, the nation’s largest background screening company, and closely partnered with our sister-organization Points of Light. We’ve arranged for special discounted pricing for CVNL Member agencies. Contact Elaine Tokolahi, Director of Volunteer Services to learn more and take advantage of this partnership: verified_volunteers_POL_680