About the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County (VCSC)

Since 1972, the Volunteer Center has been the heart of the Sonoma County community; matching prospective volunteers with local nonprofits to help them help others. We inspire thousands of people from all walks of life to share their skills and talents with worthwhile causes and organizations that help our community thrive.

The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County was started by a small group of philanthropists in 1972 who passionately believed volunteering was the path to a better life, both for the individual volunteer and the community as a whole. These philanthropists included Jean Schulz and Henry Trione, both of whom put up matching gifts to inspire the community to rally behind the cause.

Community members rose to the occasion, and for nearly 50 years the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County has been making a profound difference in our community by bringing people and organizations together. Over the years we have inspired tens of thousands of people from all walks of life to share their skills, talents and resources with worthwhile causes.

Today the Volunteer Center is expert at providing the volunteer power to meet the needs of our community and the training necessary to help our nonprofit community excel. We are also adept leaders at harnessing volunteer power in response to catastrophic events for highly structured,
effective emergency response.

For generations the Volunteer Center has made a significant and lasting impact on Sonoma County by inspiring generations of community service, connecting volunteers, and addressing critical community needs. In fact, according to a Corporation for National and Community Service report, today Sonoma County ranks first statewide in volunteerism. Almost 40% of local Sonoma County residents volunteer on a regular basis — that is a full 10% greater than the average California community. The Volunteer Center takes pride in how we’ve helped shape a more caring and compassionate community, and a healthier place to work and live.

The Volunteer Center is thrilled to have merged with CVNL and is looking forward to working together to better serve the growing needs of local nonprofits and volunteers.