Court Referral

The Court Referral office in Santa Rosa is still not open to the public. We are working to process extensions for client cases with due dates between March 15 to June 1, 2020. We are available during our business hours or by email below. All current volunteers that are ACTIVE (signed up or interviewed already) are on hold OR are slowly completing their volunteer work. We are making change of placements for now if your assigned organization is not taking volunteers currently. There are few organization so be patient with the process.

We have many different cases and each case is handled differently. New pending (not interviewed yet) volunteers WILL be interviewed virtually to limit the public contact until the Shelter in Place order is lifted in Sonoma County. We plan to be open to the public soon for clients who cannot do virtual interviews. We will require all those entering our offices to follow safety guidelines that include wearing a mask and making an appointment in advance. The Superior Court of Sonoma County is opening up, be patient with the process and the new safety guidelines. The safety of our clients and Sonoma County residents is our priority.

To communicate with the Court Referral staff please call in to our main number at 707-573-3360 or by email courtreferral@cvnl.org

For general program related questions please contact the Court Referral Director Cesar Basilio cbasilio@cvnl.org 707.573.3385.

Other programs managed by the Court Referral:

  • Youth Impact Program
  • Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) youth volunteers
  • Homeless Court, in partnership with St. Vincent De Paul

To sign up a nonprofit organization to receive volunteers from our program, please reach out to cbasilio@cvnl.org for more information.

Instructions for Community Service / Volunteer Work

Instrucciones para empesar su servicio communitario

Commonly Asked Questions

Most cases will be eligible for an extension. We manage different types of court involved cases, and each referral partner has different criteria for processing an extension. Please call or email our office to document your request for an extension and more details. Email at courtreferral@cvnl.org

The Superior Court of Sonoma County will begin to resume service and court cases. Please be patient with the process. With the Courts being closed to the Public March 16, 2020 through June 1, 2020 with minimal exceptions for time sensitive matters, or matters pertaining to the safety and the security of the community. For more information see http://sonoma.courts.ca.gov

If you are need more information about Traffic Court cases http://sonoma.courts.ca.gov/divisions/traffic

For Adult and Youth Probation https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Probation/

Volunteers are only allowed to volunteer at CR placed organizations. If you are volunteering at another organization not placed by our staff, these hours may not count. For more detailed answers please call in our office or reach out to your case manager at 707-573-3360 or by email at courtreferral@cvnl.org

Please call our office to help support your individual case. Each county is managed differently. We can transfer your case by mail, email or phone. You can call 707-573-3360 for more information

Clients referred for community service contributed to approximately 240 different non-profit or tax supported sites during the FY1819. Volunteers cleaned county and city parks, served meals to the neediest in our communities, cleared park trails, cared for wildlife, sorted food and goods donated, assisted at school sites, helped with sports teams, provided public facilities with much needed maintenance and many other tasks that shape the community we live in. Based on volunteer hours completed in this fiscal year 2018-2019, at $24.69 hourly benefit to each organization, an equivalent to $2.5 million dollars’ worth of community service (Independent Sector.Org, http://www.pointsoflight.org/tools/volunteercalculator). Direct placement of clients in 34 California counties, 15 other states.

Benefited agencies include Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Sonoma County Regional Parks (multiple locations around the county), Sonoma County Veterans buildings, Sonoma County Animal Control, homeless shelters, Humane Society, 13 school sites, 3 radio stations, 5 fire district locations, various food bank organization, 2 police departments and many more organizations. This includes helping 6 different thrift stores organizations, while learning jobs skills normally not available to most of our youth 12-16yrs old if they have not had a formal employment opportunity. The hours of community service provided to each organization helped assist their mission and allow our clients to experience programs they might not normally have exposure to if not court mandated.

As we expand to serve the north bay region, we can help with placement of volunteer in Marin, Napa and Solano Counties. Our goal is to match volunteer power to fulfill the community needs.