Compensation and Benefits Report Now Available

Fair Pay for Northern CA Nonprofits: 2020 Compensation and Benefits Survey now available  


Are you trying to figure out an appropriate salary for a new hire? Curious about the fringe benefits offered by organizations like yours?

You can find the answers in the “Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2020 Compensation and Benefits Survey,” now available for purchase from Nonprofit Compensation Associates or available for CVNL Members for review/copies in the San Rafael Resource Library. 

With 614 participating nonprofits, reporting on more than 33,000 employees, the 2019 survey is the largest and most robust in its 41-year history. 2019 is also the seventh year in a row the survey broke its participant record!

You can use the wealth of information produced by the 2019 survey to compete effectively in this challenging hiring environment. It includes data on:

  • base pay
  • employee benefits
  • salary increases
  • personnel policies
  • data that larger nonprofits can use to justify to the IRS the compensation they pay their executive employees

The survey serves nonprofit organizations in all 48 Northern California counties, a vast geographic area from Del Norte County in the far northwest to Inyo County in the far southeast. And NCA makes special efforts to serve both larger and smaller nonprofit organizations, as well as those from both urban/suburban and rural counties.

To find out how your organization can acquire this great resource, go to, or contact NCA at or call (510) 645-1005.

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