We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve our Executive Search clients and proud of the impact the people we’ve placed are making in the organizations they’re now a part of. We appreciate the leaders who have shared their success stories with us.

Many thanks to CVNL’s executive search team for working with us constructively at all times, even through hiccups like switching up our search committee head on her midstream. The background work and advice Susan offered was instrumental to a successful outcome.
– CEO Search for Greater Farallones Association, Jeff Loomans – Board President

We had a great experience working with CVNL. They took the time to get to know our agency, and the specific program we were hiring for. We knew we had a challenging position to hire for, and I felt reassured that CVNL would stick with us through the full process. The communication with the CVNL team was easy and consistent and trusted. With their expertise about candidates and the search process, we ultimately found someone we are very happy with. We would absolutely use CVNL again, and would recommend them for any agency who is searching.
– School Principal Search for Edgewood Center for Children and Families (NPS), Justine Underhill – Chief Program Officer

CVNL recruited me to make a move to the Bay Area from a career in NYC. CVNL helped me to realize my non-profit experience would be valued in an important non-profit. Through personal service unlike anything I have experienced in my career, I am now fortunate to call the Bay Area home.
– CFO Search for The Marine Mammal Center, Marvin Suchoff – Chief Financial Officer (Placement)

I was thrilled to be working with CVNL as a partner for my next move. I got the job of my dreams and am so glad to have been supported throughout the entire process.
– CEO Search for Community Action Marin, Chandra Alexandre – Chief Executive Officer (Placement)