COVID-19: Nonprofit Resources

We believe in the power and resiliency of the nonprofit community. We know that our greatest strength in facing this challenge lies in one other, in our colleagues, and in our communities. As nonprofit leaders face tumultuous weeks and months ahead, we know we will be stronger when we work together. We are here to support you for the duration of this crisis and into a bright future — stronger together.

Stronger Together Webinar Series

Stronger Together: Effective Nonprofit Leadership During the Crisis is a timely seminar series focused on supporting and equipping nonprofit leaders in the North Bay during the current public health crisis.

Hosted by the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) and Partnership Resources Group (PRG), Stronger Together is providing timely, expert information and practical strategies coupled with an opportunity for peer-sharing and collaboration. Focus topics will include issues related to human resources, fundraising, business continuity, and communications. 

Recordings will be posted here weekly for the broader community to access.

Funding for the Stronger Together series generously provided by the Ginnie & Peter Haas Jr. Fund,
the Marin Community Foundation, Community Foundation Sonoma County, and Solano Community Foundation

Check our calendar for upcoming Stronger Together webinars:  https://cvnl.org/events/

A Conversation about Racial Justice and Nonprofit Leadership

We can all agree that, now more than ever, it is critical to acknowledge the pain of both systemic and interpersonal racism in our communities and take immediate action. Nonprofit organizations have a unique voice and a critical role to play. How our organizations respond to this moment – in support of employees, volunteers, and the communities we serve, through infrastructure changes, board and staff leadership, advocacy efforts as well as service delivery- is critically important. What does this look like? Download the slides here.

Communication Trends, Opportunities, and Planning

If forecasting the future is tough at the best of times, how should you approach communication tomorrow, next week, next month or next year? Join the Communications team from Good Stuff Partners as they share their insights into the current landscape and how strategy and planning are more critical than ever. We’ll discuss how to get your tone of messaging right, what are the best tools to use, and how you can engage your donors, volunteers and partners in the ‘road to recovery’.  Download the slides here.

Emerging From the Pandemic: Preparing for What’s to Come

What does it mean when the shelter in place orders are lifted and we all return to some form of normalcy? What does this new normal look like for our sector, and more importantly, how can we prepare ourselves for what’s to come? Join CVNL and a panel of local leaders as we dive into some predictions and examples of how we are preparing our organizations to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Download the slides here.

Calibrating Your Leadership in Uncertain Times

Maureen Sedonaen has over 20 years of nonprofit management experience and knows well that achieving community change means doing the difficult and time-intensive work of building coalitions, cultivating allies, and identifying clear objectives—all while having the political savvy, sharp intelligence, and flexibility to adapt these objectives to the changing dynamics of the community. Join CVNL’s moderator, Linda Jacobs, as she speaks with Maureen about calibrating your organizational leadership during these uncertain times.  Download the slides here.

Philanthropy’s Trends & Tips for your Fundraising

New trends are emerging in philanthropy and during this follow-up webinar we’ll share a few tips for navigating these unprecedented times. Download the slides here.

Board and CEO Partnership During COVID-19 Era

Nonprofit Boards play a vital role in the health and success of every nonprofit organization during a crisis. Hear from our own internal governance expert, Linda Jacobs, as we analyze the relationship and shared responsibilities between organizational leadership and the Board of Directors. Download the slides here.

Planning for Your Organization’s New Normal

What is the new normal in our community and how does this affect our programming moving forward? In our next webinar, join CVNL’s Director of Volunteer Services, Elaine Tokolahi, who will be guiding us through the business continuity planning process. Download the slides here.

Fundraising During a Crisis

CVNL and Partnership Resources Group (PRG) have collaborated to provide timely, expert information and practical strategies on fundraising during a crisis. In the pilot seminar of our Stronger Together Series, we share potential sources of funding and recommendations for how to address your donors, appeals, and events. Download the slides here.

AB5 Legislation & COVID-19

AB-5 went into effect on January 1, 2020. This legislation establishes new guidelines for classifying staff as either contractors or employees.  Learn about the latest updates and how you can implement changes during the pandemic. Download the slides here.

Employment Law Issues and COVID-19

How are you managing HR matters during the COVID-19 pandemic? Whether you are working remotely or still on site, if you have questions about the latest employment laws and are seeking guidance on how to interpret or implement these changes with your staff this is the webinar for you. Download the slides here.


Nonprofit leaders and the individuals and communities we serve have unique expertise and perspective that is vital to informing good public policy. Our firsthand knowledge is needed to ensure that funding and policy decisions strengthen communities and support nonprofits in advancing their missions. Take action today!

Take Action to Protect the Census

Attaining an impartial and accurate count in the 2020 Census should be a nonpartisan, national priority for all sectors. Every 10 years, the United States government conducts the census — a national accounting of everyone living in every state, D.C. & 5 U.S. Territories to assess demographic changes and population growth. Census results are used to determine proportional political representation, redistricting, Congressional apportionment, and emergency response. Not only is this crucial exercise used to equitably distribute hundreds of billions of federal dollars to state and local municipalities, its findings influence policymaking for public sector investments such as infrastructure, affordable housing, healthcare programs, educational grants, and more.

The nonprofit sector relies upon accurate Census data to measure community needs, develop community solutions, target services, and track progress. The global pandemic has derailed many initiatives to ensure everyone in our communities is counted. As a result, those experiencing homelessness, non-English speakers, LGBTQ+, racial minorities and other “hard to count” populations are not fully engaged in the census process. Vulnerable communities that have been disproportionally impacted by COVID-19 are at greater risk of being undercounted— which will perpetuate a vicious cycle of exclusion for another decade. It is incumbent upon Congress to protect the participatory democracy that has been integral to nonprofit success.

The COVID-19 crisis cannot impede our pursuit to build fair, vibrant, and equitable communities. Please take 60 seconds to send an automated letter to your Member of Congress to urge them to pass emergency provisions to ensure a fair and complete count– and share this link on your personal and organizational social media channels so that others can do the same.

COVID Recovery Fund

How This Works
Confirm your NGO’s eligibility through a short application process. You will receive an email confirmation of your eligibility to participate.
Once you receive your eligibility email, select and pay for available software, technical services, and training resources.
Complete the post-sale documentation that is required for your NGO to receive its micro-grant reimbursement.
Who Is Eligible for a Micro-Grant?
The offers listed are available to small and medium-sized NGOs that carry out direct human services and support work. They are also available to NGOs that respond to meet the increased needs of their communities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that scale their programs to address these needs. Specifically. organizations must

Have an operating budget of US$2,500,000 or less
Provide food, economic or healthcare support, or dependent care services
Be located in one of the 236 countries and territories where TechSoup programs are available
NGOs must also be eligible for each of the specific nonprofit product programs they apply for. These eligibility criteria are defined by our corporate partners for their specific product programs. TechSoup will also review these criteria during the application process.

Yes Nonprofits, You Can Advocate (and Lobby!)  Learn more from the experts at Bolder Advocacy HERE

Tell Congress: Don’t Leave Nonprofits Out

 Policymakers are negotiating another COVID-19 relief package, but the details remain murky and nothing is guaranteed.

Please take just one minute today to tell your legislators: Make sure every charitable nonprofit has access to critical loan forgiveness programs.


Additional COVID-19 Resources

We are reviewing the array of resources coming out to support nonprofits in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.  We will be curating and posting that which we find most useful and relevant to the needs we’re hearing about from nonprofits and pointing to other organizations putting out great information. Check back regularly.

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Keep Their Organizations Afloat

In this Covid-19 crises, we need the knowledge, skills, and service of Nonprofits. Just as critical as the government, yet more nimble, they are now an essential tool for societies to address vital needs.

Paycheck Protection Program Toolbox

If you are looking for information to support a small business, you may find our tools useful, but they are designed primarily with the needs of nonprofit organizations in mind.

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