Excellence in Leadership Program

As a new Executive Director, the ELP gave me the resources to both recognize areas for knowledge and improvement and achieve results. Because of CVNL, this excellent program, and the community it offered, I can lead my nonprofit team with confidence. It feels great to be part of the CVNL community in working to make an impact.
– Jacqueline Jaffee, JD, Executive Director
Adopt A Family of Marin

ELP provided me with a chance to focus on my own development, and a network I could rely on for years to come. I have deeply appreciated how this experience grew my own leadership, and have prioritized sending my team members through this training.
– Jon Marker, CEO
Youth Leadership Institute

I learned more and was inspired more by the six days at ELP than I was by my years at Stanford. I feel like I came away with an arsenal of knowledge that all leaders of nonprofits should have.

In 6 days the Emerging Leaders Program gave me a huge boost in my ability to bring out the best in my organization. Every session had a couple of gems that will be vital to my job from now on.

I was so impressed with the whole program and the high level of quality of every presenter. Everyone who talked with us was an expert, a dynamic and interesting speaker, and very up to date with the thinking in their realm. So impressed. Thank you.

You get a cohort of amazing peers who are there to support you and give you feedback, you get the contact information of all their instructors, who are more than willing to help you with your problems, you get the amazing CVNL staff, who are so knowledgeable. If you are just starting off in your management role, or are hoping to get there in the near future, you should definitely consider this amazing experience!

In 5 days the Emerging Leaders Program gave me a huge boost in my ability to bring out the best in my organization.

I loved this! The opportunity to connect with other diverse nonprofit fields was extremely useful to learn what challenges we are all feeling and how we are individually responding.

I have already started using the strategy and branding in assessing future directions of my program.

I can’t wait to share what I learned at our next staff meeting, especially the team building techniques to invigorate volunteers, as well as board members. Excellent starting point for a new Executive Director.

I’ve attended quite a few CVNL workshops over the years. I’ve found each one to be professional and informative.
–Bridget N. Anderson, Educational Consultant

Great sessions. You do a huge service to local nonprofits. Thanks.
–Deborah Bouck, Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin

I think you do great work. I have enjoyed the content of the workshops I have attended and the personalities of the presenters. BRAVO.
–Anonymous survey

Thanks for being such a great resource to a small nonprofit!
–Anonymous survey CVNL Partners