Strategic Direction Lab

What it is

The Strategic Direction Lab is a one day facilitated retreat to outline concrete organization-wide goals that provide clear strategic direction to your team. We provide design, facilitation and documentation expertise so all retreat attendees can fully participate in the discussion. With this strategic direction lab, we bring our vast experience facilitating complex strategy development to your next planning retreat.

Who it's for

Organizations' leaders, staff members, and board members.

Let's do this!

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Tom Hayashi, MS Ed, PhD 
Chief Capacity Building Officer  
Phone:  415-448-0336 

How it works

CVNL designs and facilitates a full day retreat for your board of directors and leaders. We start with your vision and mission and survey participants to assess where your organization is now. From there we design the retreat to focus on the key strategic decisions facing your organization and building consensus on top priorities to direct your strategy. We work together to create an integrated high-level strategy that includes major goals to drive you toward your vision.

What you get

1. Strategic direction assessment.
2. Board/staff engagement around organizational strategy.
3. Clarity on strategic goals.

BONUS: We can expand the Lab with a graphic recording expert that will capture in real time the core concepts of the discussion and will create visual road-maps and pathways that tell the story of your goals. You will have the physical drawing (many hang it in a common space of their office as a constant inspiration and reminder!) and high res images that you can use in your presentations, reports, and fund requests.

"I have been in many similar (strategic planning) meetings, and this was the best ever! Well planned. Well executed. Lots of great ideas. Great participation. CVNL did a marvelous job leading and directing us through the crowded agenda, and we ended on time! This was a great start to the new era for our organization."
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