Structure, operations, and assessment for nonprofit boards

What it is

3-hour governance training. Without a strong structure and clear way to conduct business, boards can fall prey to a whole host of dysfunctions, not the least of which is wasted time, boring or unfocused meetings, and lack of strategic engagement from the board. This training dives into specific strategies to strengthen nonprofit boards through effective structures, meeting processes, and assessment of the ED/CEO as well as the board itself. Led by consultants who specialize in nonprofit governance and have direct experience serving on boards, this training provides both core knowledge as well as practical applications.

Who it's for

Board members, board/staff leadership teams, ED/CEOs.

How it works

CVNL prepares and delivers a 3-hour training for your board/staff onsite at your organization. CVNL's conference room can also be scheduled as a training site at no additional charge.

What you get

1. Engaging and actionable training on board structure, operations, and assessment.
2. Expert guidance on questions/scenarios specific to your organization as part of the training.
3. Workbook of related information and resources.

Let's do this!

Contact Tom Hayashi to set up your training today:  
Tom Hayashi, MS Ed, PhD 
Chief Capacity Building Officer  
Phone:  415-448-0336 

"It was a valuable session. I so much appreciated the training, the trainer’s responsiveness and flexibility! He was so willing to adjust his approach to assure that specific questions were answered, and I was particularly impressed with the way he responded to questions — very clear, good answers, no hesitation. I’ve had a few of the board members tell me how valuable they found the training to be."
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