Your Brain on Story: Using the Science of Story to Improve Your Communication Power and Success

2/17/2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PT

Your Brain on Story
Using the Science of Story to Improve Your Communication Power and Success
February 17, 2021, 9:00am – 12:00noon

Join Master Storyteller Kendall Haven for this “mini-Boot Camp” and learn how to create stories that compel thinking, emotion, memory, and recall. This is a powerful workshop for anyone who works with donors, teams, board members, and the community at large. Learn tools and elements to develop a story that is inspiring, ignites action, and one your audience won’t forget. This fast-paced and interactive workshop is full of new concepts with time to practice your story development. Sign up individually or bring a team from your organization.

Session objectives:

  • What is story science? Applying story science in the practical world of communications;
  • The Two Halves of Storytelling – Separating the story from the telling; the importance of telling and how it impacts story structure;
  • The importance, challenges, and role of story in organizational management and communications;
  • How story elements and story structure control effectiveness;
  • Reaching target audiences;
  • Potential traps and pitfalls as organizations move toward greater use of story;
  • “The Big 3” elements that define a story and its purpose, eight essential elements of story-telling, and more.

About Kendall:

The only West Point graduate to ever become a professional storyteller, Haven also holds a graduate degree in Oceanography (Oregon State University) and spent eight years as a Senior Research Scientist for the Department of Energy before finding his true passion for storytelling and a very different kind of "truth."

With 30 years of experience as a performing storyteller, and after two decades leading the research effort for the National Storytelling Association and the International Storytelling Center, Haven has emerged as a Master Storyteller and as the nation’s leading Subject Matter Expert on the neuro- and cognitive science of story, on story structure, and on story architectural design.

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