For every well-meaning individual wishing to give back to his or her community, there are many organizations searching for a volunteer to help them deliver on their mission. Using our interactive Volunteer Portal, CVNL connects these local leaders to the causes that both meet their interests and need their help. We are committed to helping local leaders of all ages, skill-levels, and backgrounds obtain the information they need to pursue their passion.

Managing and retaining volunteers is important to nonprofits of every size and mission. CVNL understands that finding the well-meaning individuals that fit their project needs is just the first step. We’re here to guide nonprofits, companies, the community and other local leaders in creating and managing volunteer projects that run smoothly and deliver on their missions. When we make that match, we ensure that organizations get the support they need to sustain a happy, healthy volunteer base. Our community’s nonprofits lift our most vulnerable populations, endangered lands, and cultural institutions — and we are here to lift them.


CVNL started as a center for volunteering more than 50 years ago. It’s still at the heart of what we do.

Volunteer Solano

CVNL now offers its Volunteer Portal in Solano County! We invite you to explore and post volunteer opportunities…

Corporate Projects

Are you a philanthropically-minded business that wants to give your employees a chance to make a big impact? We can manage it for you!


We are SEI-certified (Service Enterprise Initiative). Now, we train nonprofits to be empowered and effectively engage volunteers for greater impact.

We care deeply about serving our communities and appreciate the words people have shared with us about how we’ve lifted them and their organizations.