Jeanette Au

Jeanette brings seven years of experience working in various spaces dedicated to building capacities to create a more accessible and just world. Before coming to CVNL, Jeanette was an evaluator at an Atlanta-based firm, Creative Research Solutions. She worked on several projects with Foundation program officers on evaluations of past and current programs for BIPOC folks and leaders of color. These programs are centered around supporting organizing work and promoting equity and sustainable change in areas such as early childhood and education, civic engagement, and POC leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Jeanette Au is an inquisitive thought partner and leader who easily navigates through complex partnerships. She spent three years in South Africa as an education Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching English at a primary school. Jeanette has also domestically worked with organizations focusing on immigrant and refugee populations, and eradicating poverty through a gender justice lens.

Jeanette received her Masters in Development Practice at Emory University and her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from Grinnell College. She has been trained in qualitative research methods, participatory approaches, and nonprofit leadership and management. Jeanette hopes to continue to engage in work that uplifts community engagement and builds long-term systemic change. She is based in Oakland, California.