Program Development & Program Evaluation Certificate

Design thoughtful programs and earn your Program Development & Program Evaluation Certification.

Program Development &
Program Evaluation Certificate

As your organization prepares for a post-pandemic resurgence, now is the time to plan new programs and improve your existing offerings. Earn a Certificate of Completion in Program Development & Program Evaluation!
Summer 2023: June 7 – 28.

Four half-day sessions, 9am – 12pm. Via Zoom.

Nonprofit organizations need to design thoughtful programs that garner stakeholder support and achieve high impacts. From needs assessments and environmental scans to stakeholder engagement, you must thoroughly understand all the steps necessary to design, implement, and evaluate successful programs.

Delivered via Zoom, CVNL’s Program Development & Program Evaluation Certificate will make you an expert in program design, enable your organization to fulfill its mission, and provide you with several training advantages:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end content
  • Opportunities to collaborate with a cohort of your peers
  • Direct access to an expert willing to consult about your unique program needs
CVNL provides scholarships for CVNL Members who are BIPOC nonprofit leaders in Marin, Napa, Sonoma, and Solano Counties.

CVNL is pleased to offer partial scholarships to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are leaders or managers of CVNL member organizations based in or serving Marin, Napa, Sonoma, and Solano Counties. These scholarships are made available by generous grants from the County of Marin, the Peter A., and Vernice H. Gasser Foundation, the Community Foundation of Sonoma County, and the Solano County Community Foundations. For more information on scholarships, please contact us at

Program Details

Summer 2023 Schedule

The foundation of a strong program description is based on a need assessment and best practices in the field of your program. This course will dive deeper into specific structures and processes of your program. Session will cover:
  • The process to conduct a need assessment
  • Understanding who the program will benefit
  • Exploring the resources needed from internal and external environments
  • Determine best practices and Theory of Change

Designing quality programs requires clear description to allow for the team to easily create and implement services. This course will define clearly the specific structures and processes of your program. Session will cover:

  • Create a logic model
  • Create program description
  • Develop a programs’ goals & objectives
  • Develop project timeline

Program evaluation helps you understand the effectiveness of your program. What kind of analysis will the information require? The session will cover the following topics:

  • Define evaluation questions and evaluation boundaries
  • Find out the difference between formative vs summative evaluation.
  • Learn about data collection methods including surveys and interviews.

This session focuses on the process to manage, analyze and report your data. Learn about how to benefit your program fundraising, and organizational development goals with the data. This session includes the following:

  • How to code your data
  • The process to implement data entry and analyze the data
  • Report the evaluation results

Cancellation policy: If plans change and you are no longer able to attend, we will transfer your enrollment and payment to the next program cycle. Funds must be applied and used within a 6 (six) month period. We do not offer refunds.


Theresa Lu, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, MissionQuest & Jessica Titel, Associate, MissionQuest

CVNL is pleased to partner with MissionQuest to offer this Program Development & Program Evaluation Certificate. MissionQuest has earned a reputation for success by partnering with hundreds of organizations in achieving their goals.

Theresa Lu is the founder and CEO of MissionQuest. A leader in the field of organizational development and change management, she has helped transform hundreds of thriving organizations and thousands of inspiring leaders to optimal performance for over 25 years. MissionQuest’s recent organizational highlights include a health access program evaluation project for five states, capacity building for a multinational private sector firm, and a $16 million workforce development grant. Read more about Dr. Lu here.

Jessica Titel has over 10 years’ experience working in the family services field with various nonprofits and private agencies developing and implementing fair and equitable strategies for nonprofits and cultivating diverse communities. Read more about Ms. Titel here.

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