Heart of Marin Awards

Where volunteers, nonprofits, and leaders shine.

31st Annual Heart of Marin Awards

About the Event

We are excited to bring the 31st Annual Heart of Marin to you.

Heart events have celebrated the achievements of nonprofits and volunteers for decades. We produce similar events –  Heart of Napa and Heart of Sonoma County  – but Heart of Marin is our first and longest running recognition event. We are proud to have awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars back to nonprofits and the individuals who serve them through with our Hearts!

The 31st Annual Heart of Marin will not only help support nonprofits with critical funds, but provide a platform for sharing success stories, innovative strategies, and information on services offered with the broader community.

The community is encouraged to nominate in all award categories. Award category panels are hand-selected and meet to select recipients in each category. CVNL facilitates these panels, but does not have a vote. 

Everyone is invited to attend the awards ceremony where the recipients are announced and all nominees are recognized for their contributions. It is an afternoon filled with inspiration, gratitude, and some (happy) tears!

  • The awards have specific criteria that the award panels read multiple times to distinguish the nominations from each other. Make sure to answer all of the questions, as the panel will notice if you don’t. Our judging panel are professionals from our community and often they have been past recipients themselves.
  • Each award has different questions. If the award criteria asks for specifics, such as strategies, initiatives, measurable outcomes, outputs or challenges, address these with concrete, specific answers.
  • If asked to provide examples from past 12 months, pick out the most substantial or impactful ones. Include qualitative data that speaks to the greater impact on the community.
  • When appropriate, personal stories and examples help illustrate the response to a question.
  • The judges consider only what is on paper – assume your reader knows nothing.
  • It is fine if your work goes outside of Marin County, but remember this is an award for service in the particular county – so be sure to focus on that.
  • When it says ‘briefly’ we mean brief – don’t use all of your space to state the organizations mission and services. 
  • While it is fine (even encouraged!) to nominate in more than one category, please do so only if you have strong candidates. Getting more than one nomination in the same category does not increase your chances. Each nomination is treated as its own, and in fact they will be judged against each other. It is better to have one strong nomination per award.
  • Notify the nominee in advance of the nomination as they can often provide important information to strengthen the nomination. You will also want to make sure they save the date: January 11, 2024, to attend the awards event.
  • Most important – make sure to complete all sections, staying within the guidelines on font and number of pages. Put the event date: January 11, 2024 on your calendar too – as we will want you as the nominator to attend and celebrate!

That’s great! Each nomination received is reviewed and judged separately by Award Panelists. However, the number of times someone is nominated does not influence the likelihood of that person/organization being selected as the recipient. This is why it is so important that you submit complete and thoughtful nominations which address ALL of the corresponding questions. 

The event is our opportunity to publicly acknowledge all nominees and their commitments to the community. Since we do not announce award recipients in advance, all nominees are expected to attend. We are looking forward to gathering with all of this year’s nominees, nominators, and our Marin community, on January 11, 2024, at the Marin Center Exhibit Hall. We would love to see you there!

The deadline for nominations is October 20, 2023. Nomination form here

Absolutely! We look forward to self nominations and you may nominate in multiple categories. In addition, we welcome you to nominate a community partner who inspires the work you do. Nomination form here

Please review the questions associated with each award category. You are required to respond to these in your narrative. All questions must be answered in detail, using 12 point font, and nominations can be no more than four (4) pages in total.* Do not insert images, videos, links, etc. into the narrative as any supplementary materials will invalidate the nomination. Content exceeding four (4) pages will not be considered. Answer each question as completely as possible, providing data/outcomes/examples if asked. We encourage you to collaborate with your nominee in order to create the best nomination and include information that may enhance your narrative!
*Lifetime Achievement nominations are not limited to four pages; additional pertinent supplementary information is encouraged such as articles, letters, links, etc.

It is fine if your work goes outside of Marin County, but remember this is an award for service in the particular county – focus on that within your narrative/s.

After completing your online nomination, an automatic email will be sent to the email provided for the nominee and nominator letting them know of the successful submission.