How Service Enterprise Can Help You Maximize Your Human Capital

Did you know that for every dollar nonprofits invest in effective volunteer engagement, they can expect up to $6 in return?

Organizations that know how to effectively engage volunteers and integrate them into their human capital strategies are shown to be more adaptable, sustainable, and capable of going to scale. They also operate at almost half the median budget compared with nonprofits that don’t make full use of what volunteers have to offer.

Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, calls these organizations Service Enterprises – organizations that engage volunteers across all leadership levels, in all departments, to achieve its mission.

Achieving Service Enterprise certification is a prestigious accomplishment. In fact, organizations that certify join the top 11 percent of nonprofits in volunteer management and organizational performance across the nation. Certification signifies that organizations have the capability and management expertise to strategically use volunteers to improve the performance of their organization.

CVNL is excited to partner with Points of Light to offer you access to Service Enterprise training this year, completely free thanks to the generosity of our program partners.

To learn more about the program, contact Jim Tomlinson: or 707.252.6222.

In the last fiscal year, our programs engaged over 3,200 volunteers that donated over 71,000 hours of service equivalent to $1,775,342 of labor time beyond what is currently available in our agency budget. Our volunteer program successfully recruited and engaged over 120 new volunteers through one-time seasonal volunteer opportunities assisting programs with holiday events such as Thanksgiving luncheons and Christmas parties. Our program launched a new online application process to avoid the fax and print heavy process that had been used for many years.

Catholic Charities CYO

We implemented a new software database system to recruit, track, and coordinate our volunteers that provide Direct Care Services to hospice and bereavement families. We estimated a cost savings of approximately $230,000 for our last fiscal year from volunteer hours devoted to the needs of our hospice patients and families. We opened up the opportunity for volunteers to attend the same educational work in services, as paid clinical staff. It was well received by volunteers. At one education session, there were more volunteers present than paid staff.

Hospice By The Bay

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