How much economic value do volunteers add to our communities?

This year the national average is $25.43 and California’s average is $29.95 per hour


So much of the work that nonprofits do in our communities is done by volunteers: volunteers outnumber staff at nonprofits of all sizes, and an amazing 70% of California nonprofits are all-volunteer organizations . In 2017 nearly 77.4 million Americans donated 6.9 billion volunteer hours.

Return on investment (ROI) and a rate you can use

2013 report by economists at Columbia University demonstrated that for every dollar invested in national service, almost $4 is returned to society in higher earnings, increased output, and other community-wide benefits. And every year Independent Sector calculates the average value of one volunteer hour and publishes a national average as well as state-specific averages. This year the national average is $25.43 and California’s average is $29.95 per hour. Nonprofits can use this information to demonstrate community support for their work.

Is Your Volunteer Program Paying Off?

Use this calculator to find out. Your organization invests a great deal of time and resources into your volunteer program. Knowing the true value of your program can be the deciding factor when securing financial support from funders, foundations, partners and stakeholders.

Quickly determine your organization’s Return on Volunteer Investment (ROVI) so you are ready to make your case!