Ways of learning with CVNL Learning & Leadership Programs

There are many ways to examine leadership and professional development. One can look at outcomes; what is the result of the learning or how are participants better prepared? Or we could look at modes of engagement; how are professionals practicing continuous learning? 

We at CVNL approach these kinds of questions with an awareness that each participant brings their own experience and perspective to the learning environment. Thus, we meet in a context of readiness to share and interact so that each participant is inspired and equipped to apply what they have learned in their workplace or community. 

There are several aspects to learning for leadership development that are part of this journey. It is possible to think of these as a dynamic spectrum or as internal and external points of reference that influence one another. They are Mindsets, Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors.  

Here are some ways to explain what we mean about MKSBs. 


  • Willingness to embrace continuous learning for personal and professional growth and development 
  • Openness to new ideas, ways of thinking, & other people’s opinions/perspectives 
  • Self-reflective and aware of how one impacts other people and situations 


  • Ideas and information that can be useful for individual, team, and/or organizational performance or impact 
  • Models and concepts which help make sense of situations or offer solutions to challenges 
  • Awareness & understanding of our community both internally & externally


  • Methods or techniques which can be learned, practiced or operationalized for improved effectiveness, efficiency, or impact 
  • Tools or systems for resolving challenges, generating solutions, & managing change
  • Measuring progress or results


  • Decision-making 
  • Leading people 
  • Communicating (listening as well as speaking/writing) 
  • Planning and delivering on those promises 
  • Course-correcting 

It’s exciting to think about these reinforcing one another.  

An open mind (M) helps one acquire new knowledge (K) to solve a particular challenge using a method or tool (S) to guide them towards a decision (B). All this, of course, leads to a desired outcome or impact. 

CVNL programs focus on a variety of topics to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to be more effective. And we design and deliver these programs so that each participant can grow in a variety of ways to match professionalism with passion. 

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