Coaching for governance effectiveness

What it is

Leaders operate and make decisions in a complex and dynamic environment. They need resources and support in real time to take advantage of opportunities and address pressing challenges. CVNL coaches/consultants specialize in effective nonprofit governance and provide strategic and practical peer support to help you achieve your goals.

Who it's for

ED/CEOs, Board Chairs, Board Members, ED/Board Chair teams.

Let's do this!

Contact Tom Hayashi to set up your training today: Tom Hayashi, MS Ed, PhD 
Chief Capacity Building Officer  E-mail:  Phone:  415-448-0336 

How it works

We work with you to understand your governance goals and biggest challenges. CVNL will pair you with an experienced consultant/coach who has expertise in nonprofit governance and hands-on experience serving on nonprofit boards. You schedule time with your coach as needed - it can be as little as one conversation or ongoing to meet your needs.

What you get

1. Focused, one-on-one attention and thought partnership in real time.
2. Experience-based ideas, information and materials directly related to your goals and needs.
3. As little or as much ongoing support as you find valuable.