Fundraising for nonprofit boards

What it is

3-hour fundraising training which includes the psychology of fundraising, common myths and basic truths, fundraising best practices, and how nonprofit board and staff can work as partners to achieve fundraising goals.

Who it's for

Board members, board/staff leadership teams, ED/CEOs.

Let's do this!

Contact Patricia Murillo to set up your training today: pmurillo@cvnl.org or 415-448-0336.

How it works

CVNL prepares and delivers a 3-hour training for your board/staff onsite at your organization. CVNL's conference room can also be scheduled as a training site at no additional charge.

What you get

1. Engaging and actionable training on board fundraising.
2. Expert guidance on questions/scenarios specific to your organization as part of the training.
3. Workbook of related information and resources.

"CVNL did a wonderful job, and we plan to utilize their expertise again."
Stapleton School for the Performing Arts