Meetings/Retreats & Facilitation

What it is

Effective meetings and retreats don't just happen, they result from clear objectives, thoughtful preparation, and skilled facilitation of time and place, ideas, information and energy within a group. From a short meeting to a large retreat, CVNL consultants deliver thoughtful, effective group processes aimed at realizing your goals. We specialize in planning and facilitation, leveraging the contributions of all participants and supporting collaborative inquiry, learning and decision-making.

Who it's for

Board and staff leadership teams, program-specific and cross-departmental groups, retreats, planning/decision making meetings.

How it works

Our expert consultants meet with you to outline your needs and desired goals/results. From there we develop an approach, agenda, and activities to create an engaging and productive process.

What you get

1. Clearly defined objectives and approach for your next meeting.
2. Expert meeting facilitation where participants feel connected, heard and engaged as part of your team.
3. Unique knowledge, skills and perspectives to better inform your work.

Let's do this!

Contact Tom Hayashi to set up your training today:  
Tom Hayashi, MS Ed, PhD 
Chief Capacity Building Officer  
Phone:  415-448-0336 

"Cinzia listened and was able to adjust a difficult conversation quickly in a way that was acceptable by all and I think in the end achieved the outcome we have all been wanting but afraid to tackle."
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