Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT)

Giving every nonprofit the capacity to lead

The Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT) is an organizational assessment and
planning tool that helps nonprofits better understand their capacity and put that
understanding into action to increase their impact. Using an anonymous, online survey, iCAT collects input from invited staff leadership, Board and other key stakeholders with a focus on six, research-based organizational capacities. iCAT converts this data into an online report summarizing organizational strengths and weaknesses and provides prioritized recommendations based on what research says will be most effective for this particular nonprofit at this point in time.

Throughout the process, CVNL guides the administration and interpretation of results. Each nonprofit is assigned a CVNL consultant to help utilize the results to desing a plan for improvement that takes its unique perspective and circumstances into consideration.

For more information about iCAT in Northern California, contact Gina Guillemette, Director of Consulting Services, at 415.448.0336 or gguillemette@cvnl.org. You can also learn more by reading or downloading our iCAT flyer, below.