Consulting Results

CVNL takes a client-centered approach with its consulting projects. We see this work as a partnership and we are committed to your satisfaction. The feedback we’ve received from past clients speaks to our effectiveness in delivering both a meaningful and engaging process as well as high quality results

I have been in many similar (strategic planing) meetings, and this was the best ever! Well planed. Well executed. Lots of great ideas. Great participation. CVNL did a marvelous job leading and directing us through the crowded agenda, and we ended on time! This was a great start to the new era for our organization.
–LITA (Love is the Answer)

>I was very happy with the results of our work together. CVNL provided important content, delivered in a manner that was professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I really liked the way the consultant responded to questions, comments — it made people feel heard and validated. The training series added skills and awareness to our leadership team. We have had many discussions prompted from this work and we will continue to do so. This was a good experience.
–Marin Head Start/Community Action Marin

CVNL was outstanding! They quickly grasped our needs and were a quick study about our organization, our mission and our situation. This allowed them to lead our client meetings effectively and comfortably, to establish rapport with the participants, to structure the meeting in an engaging way and to move things along to stay on the timetable allotted. The follow up report was great and the discussion with the board last night was professional and impressive. We were delighted with the services overall!
–Marin AIDS Project

CVNL was able to give great, nuanced answers to the questions people had around board service. I was very pleased with the outcome — professional, confident, funny and nice to have in the room — definitely added to our retreat.
–Women’s Community Clinic

Thank you for your support and guidance through this process. Thank you as well for your diligence in so adeptly incorporating our comments and edits. Most of all, thank you for your sensitivity and expertise in supporting us to confront a challenging situation through a process that enabled us to move forward productively and positively.
–Papermill Creek Children’s Corner

The retreat was superb! It succeeded beyond my expectations. CVNL did a fantastic job of merging our needs and wants with professional opinions. They brought a depth of experience, from many years working with so many nonprofits, and a thorough knowledge of the field that made everyone comfortable that we were working with the best information, and confident in the decisions that we were making.
–Camp Unalayee

This service was excellent. Materials were delivered on schedule and were right the first time. The Center was extremely responsive — always available, helpful, and very clear in communications. This service exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied with all aspects of the service.
–Marin Workforce Housing Trust

It was a valuable session. I so much appreciated the training, the trainer’s responsiveness and flexibility! He was so willing to adjust his approach to assure that specific questions were answered, and I was particularly impressed with the way he responded to questions — very clear, good answers, no hesitation. I’ve had a few of the board members tell me how valuable they found the training to be.
–Lindsay Wildlife Museum

The Center did a wonderful job, and we plan to utilize its expertise again.
–Stapleton School for the Performing Arts

We would absolutely recommend the Center to others. What was most helpful was a chance to discuss who we are with an ‘outsider’ who could ask the questions we don’t ask ourselves, as well as the good summary material for reviewing later. It really helped clarify who we are and where we want to go.
–Mt. Tamalpais Interpretative Association

Thank you so much for the work you did with and for us. We have all improved because of the work that we did together to become a team that works together. Everyone felt they could trust you, and your insight for each of us was right on the money.
–Sisters of St. Dominic Lourdes Convent