Development and recruitment for nonprofit boards

What it is

3-hour governance training. Given the tremendous responsibility and decision-making power of boards, making sure you have the right composition of leaders on your board is essential. This training looks at ways nonprofits can “get the right people around the table” and keep them engaged through ongoing development and evaluation. Topics include board composition and needs, recruitment and cultivation, election processes, orientation and ongoing development, and evaluating board performance.

Who it's for

Board members, board/staff leadership teams, ED/CEOs.

How it works

CVNL prepares and delivers a 3-hour training for your board/staff onsite at your organization. CVNL's conference room can also be scheduled as a training site at no additional charge.

What you get

1. Engaging and actionable training on board development and recruitment.
2. Expert guidance on questions/scenarios specific to your organization as part of the training.
3. Workbook of related information and resources.

Let's do this!

Contact Tom Hayashi to set up your training today:  
Tom Hayashi, MS Ed, PhD 
Chief Capacity Building Officer  
Phone:  415-448-0336 

"CVNL was able to give great, nuanced answers to the questions people had around board service. I was very pleased with the outcome — professional, confident, funny and nice to have in the room — definitely added to our retreat."
Women's Community Clinic