Napa Valley/Sonoma County Fires – Updates from CVNL

CVNL was activated as an Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) on Sunday, October 8th, and has been tasked with managing volunteers and donations for Marin and Napa Counties. This is a developing story. Please check back with us for additional updates as the weeks progress. Thank you.

11/2/17 – Napa Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

The Napa Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) was developed through a grant from the Napa Valley Vintners and Napa Valley Community Foundation following the 2014 earthquake. The goal is to enhance partnerships for communication, coordination, and collaboration amongst the whole community, including nonprofit and faith-based organizations, government agencies, and the private sector during all three (3) phases of a disaster: Phase 1, emergency response to protect life and property response; Phase 2, assessment of mid-term needs; and Phase 3, re-population mode for long- term recovery.

Read the complete story here, and learn about how you can help now

11/1/17 – Other Community Resources

In addition to donating to Redwood Credit UnionSonoma County Resilience Fund, and The Napa Valley Community Foundation, there are many ways to offer support, including:

Resources for those Affected by the Fires

*Pulled from Marin Interfaith Council’s weekly newsletter

10/20/17 – Nonprofits Served by Physical Donations

  • Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch
  • Redwood National Food Bank
  • Native Suns
  • St. Anthony’s
  • The Meadows of Napa Valley
  • Napa Valley Food Bank
  • Green Cleaners
  • Salvation Army
  • Napa Valley Early Development
  • Headstart Napa Valley
  • Crosswalk Community Church
  • Hillside Church
  • Napa County Homeless Shelter
  • NEWS
  • Operation with Love from Home
  • Adobe House Services
  • Collabria Care
  • ParentsCAN
  • Girls on the Run
  • Local Assistance Shelter (LAC)
  • Napa County Food Bank
  • The Table
  • Napa Valley Community Housing

NOTE: these are only physical items/goods as of 10.17.17. In addition, 800+ boxes of goods were given to individual families.

10/19/17 UPDATE – Free Self-Care Workshops for Marin Civic Center Volunteers

CVNL will be offering free self-care workshops for volunteer responders who dedicated their time and energy to meeting the immediate needs of evacuees at the Emergency Volunteer Centers. Whether the responders were directly or indirectly impacted by the incident, they may experience intense feelings of fear, hopelessness, or anxiety. If that’s you (or even if it’s not) we’d love to reconnect with you and share some useful tips on how to transition healthily to your normal routine.

10/17/17 UPDATE – Napa EVC closing

The Napa EVC located at the Napa Valley Community College is in the process of closing down today.  Remaining evacuees are relocating to the Crosswalk Shelter. 

Napa County has established a Local Assistance Center (LAC) at Napa County Health and Human Services, 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Building A, in Napa. Those in need of assistance can access a variety of resources to aid recovery at the LAC.

Due to the responsiveness and generosity of so many across the community, there are many donated goods still available for those in need.  Donations are being distributed to those in need at American Canyon High School and requests are also being taken at the Napa LAC. 

10/15/17 UPDATE – Marin shelter moves to the Seminary at Strawberry

The county shelter in Marin that was housed at the Civic Center is transitioning to a site in Mill Valley (201 Seminary Drive in Mill Valley).  As of 10/15/17 the Civic Center shelter will be closed as evacuees have moved to the new site or other locations. The Red Cross will be managing the shelter in Mill Valley as well as all volunteers for the new site. If you interested in volunteering with the Red Cross to support wildfire relief efforts, please sign up with them here.

CVNL’s role as an EVC for Marin comes to a close at this point as we focus our efforts on the Napa EVC that remains open as well as the longer-term recovery effort. CVNL is on standby to support nonprofits who are serving evacuees in the days, weeks and months ahead and we will be connecting volunteers and dedicating monetary resources to support those efforts.

Click here to register as a volunteer with CVNL via our volunteer portal.

As new opportunities to serve evacuees and support long-term recovery become available we will be notifying volunteers. There has been an outpouring of support and interest in volunteerism and we thank you so much for your willingness to serve!

CVNL is accepting monetary donations online. Monetary donations are being distributed in coordination with local nonprofit organizations supporting evacuees. Thank you for your generosity! Click here to make a monetary donation to help those affected by the fires. 

Please check back here for future updates along with our Facebook pageMarin County Government and Napa County Government.

In the Press

Important: to prevent spread of misinformation in the state of a disaster, please do not share old news. The list below provides some recent developments as well as archived stories. Thank you.