Press Release: CVNL Honors 20th Anniversary of 9/11 with Days of Service Designed for Youth

September 1, 2021

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Starting on September 1st, service projects, and learning opportunities, are available


Bay Area, 2021 – For 60 years, Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) has worked with local nonprofits, leaders, and volunteers to help them elevate their impact and volunteer efforts. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, CVNL, in partnership with Youth Service America, has designed a series of service projects and educational opportunities: “11 Days of Remembrance.”

Starting on September 1st, 2021, and leading up to September 11th, youth are encouraged to participate in 11 Days of Remembrance. Each day has an activity where individuals can deepen their understanding of the ongoing impact of 9/11.

A total of 412 first responders died on 9/11, comprised of 340 firefighters and 72 police officers. The total number of casualties of the aftermath of the attack will likely, tragically, rise: Over 1,100 9/11 first responders have been diagnosed with cancer directly linked to the dust and air quality after the terror attacks.

For some Americans, 9/11 remains a vivid memory. Ten years later, 97% of Americans eight (8) or older at the time could remember exactly where they were when they heard the news, according to a 2011 survey by the Pew Research Center.

For some young people, however, 9/11 is a subject learned secondhand.

While activities are appropriate for people and groups of all ages, local youth are encouraged to get involved: in doing so, CVNL and its partners hope they will experience the significance of this historic anniversary.

Youth begin their service by completing a lesson and reflection exercise, created by Lead4Change. This sets the framework for core activities – from creating greeting cards for veterans to making gratitude rocks –encouraging youth to share their experiences via photos, hashtags, and storytelling along the way.

All activities can be explored here,, and are in virtual formats to help youth engage safely. Activities help build awareness of 9/11, while supporting veterans and first responders who have unique needs. Activities are generously funded by Youth Service America and the Charles Moss Foundation.

The entire community can join in the conversation by using #CVNL911Day and #911Day on social media.

“Honoring the 20th anniversary of this moment in our nation’s history by serving in your community helps transform 9/11 into a day of unity, empathy, and service,” said Elaine Tokolahi, Director of Volunteer Services, CVNL. “By participating in 11 Days of Remembrance, we pay tribute to those lost and injured on 9/11/01, and to the many who rose in service in response to the attacks, including first responders, recovery workers, volunteers, and members of our military.”

This Day of Service is especially important given the current climate in the Middle East and as troops slowly return to the U.S. with various needs in the “new normal.”

To learn more, or get involved and sign up/share activities, visit

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About Youth Service America: Youth Service America believes that youth, communities, and democracy thrive when we all work together for the common good. YSA is a leading global nonprofit that activates young people, ages 5-25, to find their voice, take action, and acquire powerful civic and 21st Century skills as they solve problems facing their communities. YSA supports its activation campaigns (Days of Service and ServiceVote) with grants, training and resources, and recognition programs for young people and their adult champions. Youth-led projects use Awareness, Service, Advocacy, and Philanthropy (ASAP) strategies to meet community needs.