Press Release: Solano Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) gets a fresh “look”

March 10th, 2021

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Solano Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) gets a fresh “look”

New website supports local disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts

SOLANO COUNTY, CA, 3/10/21 – Solano Volunteers, a Solano County program developed and managed by Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL), has worked in partnership with the Solano Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD, formerly Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, VOAD) and Catchafire volunteers to launch a new visual identity, website, and Facebook page.

The Solano COAD, a local group of community organizations, plays a critical role: following a disaster, it coordinates emergency human services in concert with partner agencies – including the local emergency management agency and social service agencies – during all stages of a disaster.

The Solano COAD reactivated and refocused when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, followed by the LNU Lightning Complex Fires. The need for an enhanced visual identity and website soon became necessary.

“Good communication is key during disaster response,” said Vincent Valenzuela, Solano County COAD Co-chair and Red Cross Disaster Program Manager in Solano and Marin Counties. “Having our communication tools updated will allow easier access to receive and share critical information with the community.”  

Rhonda Smith, CVNL Solano Volunteers Program Coordinator echoed this: “As fire season quickly approaches, we want the community to be aware that there is a COAD. Creating a new logo will help solidify the COAD’s brand, or purpose, in the community, thereby boosting awareness and engagement.”

In addition to a new logo, a new website and social media page were created to better engage the community. “We wanted to come out swinging to really make the statement that Solano County COAD has been resurrected,” said Major Randy Hartt, Solano County COAD Co-Chair and Solano County Coordinator for the Salvation Army.

Here, local organizations and individuals can learn more about the COAD, join for free, or become disaster volunteers. Organizations can complete an online form to join the COAD by visiting The Solano COAD Facebook page can be viewed here:

Solano Volunteers coordinates volunteers during disasters and manages resources to aid disaster relief and recovery efforts. “Long-term recovery from disasters takes time, money, strong partnerships, and dedicated volunteer effort, and CVNL stands ready to facilitate the provision of resources to those who need it most,” said Smith.

Individuals can sign up as “Disaster Response Team” members on the website,, as well. Disaster Response Volunteers are trained before disasters strike to better handle the responsibilities placed upon them. All volunteers receive training to enable active involvement in an Emergency Volunteer Center and Disaster Call Center. Based on interest, volunteers may then take additional training for Supervisory and Leadership roles.

“Solano Volunteers has brought great ideas and some very key organizational components to the Solano County COAD,” said Hartt. “I have truly been amazed by CVNL’s staff. They provided an excellent framework for the Solano COAD that has improved awareness of our presence in Solano County.”  


About Solano Volunteers: The Solano County Board of Supervisors has been working with Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) since 2016 to build an online volunteer system to better serve nonprofits and service-minded individuals – “Solano Volunteers.” Together, Solano County and Solano Volunteers provide access to meaningful volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and businesses, leveraging powerful tools and technologies to make it easier for both volunteers to engage and organizations to post volunteer opportunities. In addition to providing online volunteer matching services, Solano Volunteers produces National Days of Service, provides disaster preparedness training, and serves as an Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC), overseeing spontaneous volunteers and donations for Solano County. Visit to discover more.

About the Solano COAD: Solano COAD (formerly VOAD) is the vehicle in Solano County, CA, for coordinating private sector, nonprofit, and community-based organizations, the faith community, and government agencies serving human and animal needs following a disaster. The purpose of the Solano COAD is to be a coalition of agencies and organizations fostering more effective coordination of emergency response and recovery services among its partner organizations and recruiting others to participate in an integrated plan that will ensure an effective and sustainable organization. Visit to learn more.