Planning & Decision Making: Coaching

What it is

Leaders operate and make decisions in a complex and dynamic environment. They need resources and support in real time to take advantage of opportunities and address pressing challenges. CVNL coaches/consultants provide expert strategic and practical peer support to help you achieve your goals.

Who it's for

ED/CEOs, Board Chairs, Board Members, ED/Board Chair teams.

Let's do this!

Contact Patricia Murillo to set up your training today: pmurillo@cvnl.org or 415-448-0336.

How it works

We pair you with an experienced consultant/coach with expertise in nonprofit strategy and planning. You schedule time with your coach as needed - it can be as little as one conversation or ongoing to meet your needs. You and your coach talk about what's happening in and around your organization, your strategic goals and your biggest challenges.

What you get

1. Focused one-on-one attention and thought partnership in real time.
2. Experience-based ideas, information and materials directly related to your goals and needs.
3. As little or as much ongoing support as you find valuable.