Visioning and Values Workshop

What it is

If your team is feeling scattered, disconnected or unfocused in the day to day and you need to reconnect with your organization's main purpose, CVNL’s Visioning and Values Workshop is for you. In this three-hour facilitated session we will help you reconnect with your vision and mission and articulate the core values that energize your staff and board!

Who it's for

Organizations' leaders, staff members, and board members.

Let's do this!

Contact Tom Hayashi to set up your training today:  
Tom Hayashi, MS Ed, PhD 
Chief Capacity Building Officer  
Phone:  415-448-0336 

How it works

We meet with you to review your mission and vision statements and to understand where your major disalignment issues lie. From there we design a three-hour session to address your primary needs and facilitate a process to boost clarity and inspire a renewed sense of alignment for all participants.

What you get

1. Clear sense of purpose and organizational values to guide your work.
2. Stronger team cohesion and individuals aligned with shared vision.
3. Meeting notes and consultant recommendations with related tools and resources.

"Our staff was able to articulate their vision in serving clients which will help our organization to attract and better serve more clients going forward. This is the core of our organization and it was time to bring our conversations back to customer service."
Sherene Chen
Former ED, Bloom