2015 Marin Human Race sets records

Exactly what makes the Marin Human Race the ultimate community-centered event?

The 2015 Marin Human Race was a resounding success — Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) has once again produced an inspiring event. That is undeniable when you analyze the statistics that point towards nearly $350,000 going back into our community, 140 race day volunteers, nearly 1,500 runers and walkers — coupled with the fact that CVNL has hosted the Marin Human Race for 33 years. Yet, as I reflect further about the essence of the Marin Human Race, there is something else that makes the Marin Human Race a flagship for the community. For me, it boils down to the human-ness of the experience. It’s a celebratory morning where people gather to celebrate their own uniqueness. From youth to seniors, people with disabilities being pushed in wheelchairs to marathon runers, people advocating for animals to those seeking to increase access to education — the Marin Human Race welcomes and actively honors everyone all in one place. It is the largest gathering of all humanity in Marin County. That’s profound.

Everybody has a story that motivates them to give, get involved, donate, join the cause, spread the word — and CVNL is privileged to be the platform for these stories to have a voice. Starting with the kick-off in February, the stories start migrating to the public — where they belong — to the media on race day in May. I am fortunate to hear & share these stories through CVNL community channels in the months leading up to race day. On a personal note, I want to thank each one of you — I am enriched by your inspiring stories, courage to face challenges, and willingness to persevere for the sole benefit of our community. The reason CVNL keeps hosting this event year after year is precisely the fact that we, as a nonprofit ourselves, understand how important it is to have a partner and a champion. The Marin Human Race has a wide reach that many single nonprofits cannot achieve on their own, from providing logistics, marketing, training and templates. The event has become a critical fundraising platform for all who participate.

Supporting the CVNL Marin Human Race gives anyone the chance to make a compounding difference; first to the cause and then wider to the community as a whole. Thank you to the sponsors who help CVNL make this collaboration possible, we appreciate the generosity of the 2015 Marin Human Race Champion Sponsors including; the Marin Community Foundation, County of Marin, Marin Independent Journal, and Pacesetter Sponsors; Marin Humane Society and Union Bank. In addition to sponsors, dozens of businesses supported the Race with in-kind donations and more than 50 organizations exhibited at the Community Village. With your help, we can achieve our mission of advancing the entire nonprofit community by giving local leaders, big and small, the skills, conections, and confidence to take their cause to the next level. Let’s do it again next year!   

The Marin Human Race is a special event for Halleck Creek Ranch. Our board, staff, riders, families and volunteers all participate. Not only do we raise funds for our programs we have a good time doing it!
–Barbara Hill, Executive Director, Halleck Creek Ranch.

Partnering with CVNL in the Human Race has been a delight!  While our initial goals in joining  the event were targeted exclusively at fundraising, the meetings, support and collaboration with other non-profits, provided more benefits than anticipated!  We exceeded our fundraising goal, but of equal importance, was the networking and outreach this event provided.
–Pamela Franklin, Ph.D., Executive Director, Marin County School Volunteers.

Marin Advocates for Children really appreciates CVNL providing us with this fundraising opportunity.  I would recommend this event for any nonprofit that’s looking for a way to raise funds with a minimum of work and a maximum of fun.
–Cyndy Doherty, Executive Director, Marin Advocates for Children.

The Marin Human Race provided us at the Integrative Restoration Institute a wonderful opportunity to come together as a non-profit organization and community to raise funds and awareness towards our mission! We continue to be inspired and we look forward to supporting this event again next year!
–Mary Jo Johnson, Operations & Project Manager, Integrative Restoration Institute.

Save the date for the 2016 CVNL Marin Human Race: May 7, 2016.


Story by

Molly Schmidt
CVNL Community Engagement Coordinator