CVNL Corporate Volunteer Project, Visa Inc, September 2015

CVNL Corporate Volunteer Project partnership with Visa, Inc

Day of Service, September 24, 2015 , Bothin Marsh, Mill Valley, CA

  • Visa, Inc Helps to Remove Salsola from Bothin Marsh
  • Visa, Inc’s Global Team partnered with CVNL for a Corporate Volunteer Project on Thursday, September 24, 2015¬†
  • Visa brought 25 of their local and international employees to participate in this service opportunity.
  • Before the project, volunteers played a team-building game and learned about the different species that habit the marsh
  • The project took place at the Bothin Marsh and the Mill Valley multi-use path
  • The County Parks and Open Space have been making strides in restoring the tidal wetlands but have needed help for years.
  • The invasive salsola recently became more of a problem and have been displacing indigenous plants that support the vibrant wildlife in Marin.
  • Collectively they contributed 62 hours of work valued at $1,679.37
  • Volunteers removed over 270 lbs of salsola/ Russian thistle and the area covered was about 200 sq. meters.
  • Special thanks to Visa, Inc and Greg Reza from the Marin County Parks!

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