Executive Search Firm Placement: Shantell Herndon, Executive Director for Elpida Residential Programs

Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership is pleased to announce the placement of Shantell Herndon, MA, LMFC, as the new Executive Director with Elpida Residential Programs, Inc. Shantell began her role in November and looks forward to expanding the services Elpida offers, proving caring, residential treatment for adults facing mental health problems.

Shantell brings over ten years of senior leadership experience working in the field of social services. She is accomplished at overseeing multiple supportive service departments, including supportive housing, mental health, substance use, child and youth programs, education and employment/ workforce development, and case management.

She holds a Masters’ Degree in Counseling, with a specialty focus in community mental health and is currently enrolled in an MBA program at Santa Clara University. In addition, she holds many professional certifications in clinical work from conflict resolution mediation, to anger
management and trauma.

Shantell will be only the fifth executive director in the nearly 30-year history of Elpida Residential Programs, Inc.

The right person in the right position makes all the difference.

Many thanks to Susan and her team for working with us constructively at all times, even through hiccups like switching up our search committee head on her midstream. The background work and advice Susan offered was instrumental to a successful outcome.

– CEO Search for Greater Farallones Association, Jeff Loomans – Board President

We had a great experience working with Susan and CVNL. She took the time to get to know our agency, and the specific program we were hiring for. We knew we had a challenging position to hire for, and I felt reassured that she would stick with us through the full process, and the way she handled the details and logistics was a huge relief. The communication with the CVNL team was easy and consistent. I trusted Susan’s expertise about candidates and the search process, and we ultimately found someone we are very happy with. We would absolutely use CVNL again, and would recommend them for any agency who is searching.

– School Principal Search for Edgewood Center for Children and Families (NPS), Justine Underhill – Chief Program Officer

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