Our CVNL ACADEMY is designed to be an extension of — or a companion to — your development as a nonprofit professional. It’s a collection of leadership training programs and curriculum we’ve developed resulting from over 50 years of experience serving nonprofits. CVNL ACADEMY meets you where you are now — offering a variety of courses covering core areas such as governance, succession planing, and volunteer management.

CVNL delivers a face-to-face training model, as we believe one of the key elements of the learning process is the dynamic relationships built between instructors and peers. Outstanding practitioners and expert CVNL staff lead the courses, with one goal in mind: to empower local leaders, new and established, with the skills and connections they need to lift the nonprofits that enrich and elevate our quality of life.

Leadership Education Workshops

Our Workshops are single educational events focused on important topics that are current challenges nonprofit leaders face today. The programs are created to address specific needs informed by research and discoveries, including the findings from the 2013 Nonprofit Landscape Study: Resilience, Resourcefulness, and Recovery. Topics span a wide range of building blocks key to creating impact. We’re excited to bring favorite speakers, new talent and our own CVNL staff to present at our upcoming Workshops. 

Excellence in Leadership Program (ELP

Our communities, and the nonprofits that serve them, are constantly evolving — and so are their leaders’ needs for skills and information. CVNL’s Excellence in Leadership Program (ELP) addresses the core competencies needed to effectively manage organizations and complex programs, as well as the leadership skills one needs to be successful serving nonprofits. Applications are being accepted: learn more and apply.