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Recent press releases & nonprofit news

12/5/17, CVNL Press Release: Nominees Announced for the 25th Annual Heart of Marin Awards
12/5/17, CVNL Press Release: CVNL Announces Call for Nominations for the 3rd Annual Heart of Napa Awards
9/18/17, CVNL Announces Call for Nominations for the 25th Annual Heart of Marin™ Awards
7/20/17, Collaborative “Napa County Volunteer Fair” to be held on August 5th 
6/14/17, CVNL expands its Volunteer Services into Solano County
4/13/17, Opportunities to Volunteer on Earth Day Abound, April 21st – 23rd

3/28/17, Napa Community Gathers to Celebrate Leaders and Volunteers at 2nd Annual Heart of Napa Awards™
3/27/17, 35th CVNL Bay Area Human Race ™ Coming May 13th, 2017 — Off to a Fast Start

2/3/17, 2nd Annual Heart of Napa Awards™ Celebrate Nonprofits and Volunteers
1/20/17, Inspiring 24th Annual Heart of Marin™ Ceremony 
Honors Nonprofit and Volunteer Award Recipients
12/7/16, CVNL is pleased to announce Call for Nominations for the 2nd Annual Heart of Napa Awards
12/1/16, CVNL is pleased to announce the nominees for the 24th Annual Heart of Marin Awards
11/2/16, CVNL is pleased to announce Lievin Mwamba as their New Director of Finance & Operations
10/5/16, Executive Placement: Ann Dabovich, VP of Philanthropic Partnerships, Goodwill
9/28/16, CVNL Press Release: CVNL Announces Heart of Marin Call for Nominations
9/15/16, CVNL Press Release: CVNL Announces New Board Members and Officers
9/6/16, CVNL Press Release: 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance
8/31/16, CVNL Press Release: Two New Staff Join CVNL Janette Gitler and Sheila McNulty
8/3/16, CVNL Press Release: Science and Sizzle with Michael Franti, volunteer opportunity in Napa, 9/17

7/22/16, Executive Placement: John McCue, Interim Executive Director of Development, Daraja
7/14/16, Executive Placement: Sue Robbins Named Individual Giving Director, Catholic Charities
7/1/16, Executive Placement: Robin Kerr named Executive Director, YWCA-Monterey County
6/29/16, CVNL Press Release: Service Enterprise Initiative (SEI) application deadline extended to July 14
6/23/16, CVNL Press Release: Creating Community, Napa County Nonprofits at Work, 2015 Report
6/1/16, CVNL Press Release: 2016 Bay Area Human Race a Pillar for the Community
5/27/16, Breaking Nonprofit News: AB 2855 stopped in the Appropriations Committee
5/27/16, Nonprofit News: New overtime rules for nonprofits, California impact
5/20/16, CVNL Press Release: Napa County Leaders Complete 5 Day ELP Training in May
5/11/16, Executive Placement: Marilyn Lovelace-Grant, Director of Human Resources, Catholic Charities
4/28/16, CVNL Press Release: Volunteers Needed for the Human Race May 5, 6 and 7
4/20/16, Breaking Nonprofit News: Detrimental bill AB 2855 goes to Assembly after all
4/19/16, CVNL Press Release: CVNL Partners with PG&E to Send 200 Military Care Packages Oversees
4/15/16, CVNL Press Release: Bay Area Human Race, update, early bird signup deadline is 4/21
4/15/16, Nonprofit News: volunteer value increased in California to $27.59 per hour in 2015
4/12/16, CVNL Press Release: My Earth Day Marin Coalition Celebrates with 12 Opportunities to Volunteer
4/5/16, Nonprofit News Alert: AB 2855, a Bill that may be harmful to nonprofits
3/23/16, CVNL Press Release: 34th Bay Area Human Race Off to a Fast Start
3/11/16, Nonprofit News Alert: IRS Change in Form 990-N Submission Website
3/9/16, CVNL Press Release: 1st Annual Heart of Napa Awards
3/1/16, 1st Annual Heart of Napa Awards News, Leaders and Volunteers Recognized
2/12/16, Executive Placement: Ellyn Weisel, Director of Development with WildCare
2/8/16, Executive Placement: Andrew Hening, City of San Rafael’s Director of Homeless Planning & Outreach
1/27/16, CVNL Press Release: Nominations for 1st Annual Heart of Napa Awards Exceed Expectations
1/8/16, CVNL Press Release: 23rd Annual Heart of Marin Awards, January 7, 2016
1/5/16, CVNL Press Release: MLK Day, 6 opportunities to make an impact in Napa on Jan 16&18
1/4/16, CVNL Press Release: Applications for Spring 2016 Service Enterprise Initiative in Napa
1/4/16, CVNL Press Release: MLK Day of Service opportunities in January
12/11/15, CVNL Press Release: Volunteer in December with the Napa Holiday Assistance Program
12/9/15, CVNL Press Release: 23rd Annual Heart of Marin Awards celebrates nonprofits and volunteers
12/9/15, CVNL Press Release: Seven December Holiday Gifts of Love volunteer opportunities
11/30/15, CVNL Press Release: 1st Heart of Napa Awards Announced, 2/23/16
11/5/15, CVNL Press Release, Family Volunteer Day, Five Projects on Saturday, 11/21

10/29/15, CVNL Press Release, Heart of Marin Nominations deadline, 11/12
10/27/15, CVNL Press Release, Leadership Event, 11/10, Overhead Myth with Jan Masaoka
10/19/15, CVNL Press Release, 10/22 Leadership Workshop focuses on Technology
10/16/15, Press Release, CVNL Planned Giving Panel Event, 10/21
10/15/15, CVNL Press Release, Syar Industries Foundation recognized as Foundation of the Year
10/09/15, Press Release: CVNL Partners with PGA TOUR in Napa to Recruit Volunteers
9/25/15, Valley Fire Update, Resources and Donations Overview
9/21/15, Napa County, Valley Fire Press Release, September 21, 2015
9/18/15, Napa County, Valley Fire Press Release, September 18, 2015