Press Release: CVNL Appoints New Trustee to Buck Family Fund

Katelyn Willoughby

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November 4, 2019

Linda Jacobs
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Katelyn Willoughby-Bagley
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CVNL Appoints New Trustee to Buck Family Fund 

SAN RAFAEL, CA, 11/4/19 – Every four years, the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) has the unique responsibility of appointing one community member to the Buck Family Fund (BFF) Board of Trustees of the Marin Community Foundation. CVNL is thrilled to announce the appointment of Brigitte Moran, who started her four-year term in September 2019. 

“Each time the term of a current CVNL appointee to BFF expires there is an open, thoughtful, and competitive appointment process,” said Linda Jacobs, CEO of CVNL. “We received several, impressive applications but feel strongly that Brigitte exceeds all requirements, which include extensive nonprofit sector experience, and understanding the purpose, value, and potential of nonprofit organizations’ contributions/impact on Marin, and demonstrated leadership in the field.”

CVNL was supported by a selection committee to thoroughly review and vet applications and interview candidates. Said Maureen Sedonean, Selection Committee Chair: “We were specifically looking for an individual with great sensitivity and understanding to the needs of the traditionally disenfranchised and diverse communities in Marin.”

Moran’s experience gives her a unique view on this subject. “My compassion for traditionally disenfranchised and diverse communities stems from my own experience as an immigrant: my family moved here from France when I was about 5 years old. I did not speak English when my family moved to Marin; my family’s culture was very different than my peers; I grew to deeply understand what it feels like to be ‘the other.’” 

Moran spent 14 years as the CEO of the Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM), transforming it from a struggling for-profit company to a vibrant and effective nonprofit. “Whether it was helping immigrant farmers grow their businesses through direct marketing opportunities; or addressing food inequity through EBT Market Match and a Mobile Farmers Market; or running a wide array of community events where people from all walks of life can gather together; I have been committed to creating experiences and opportunities that benefit every member of our community, regardless of country of origin or socio-economic status,” said Moran.    

Brigitte contributes significant time and energy to the betterment of the county, through volunteer activity in youth sport (currently the coach of the first organized Marin City girls volleyball team) and with seats on several boards, such as CVNL,, the Marin Economic Forum, and the Marin Visitors Bureau. 

Said Moran: “My experience in the public and private sectors, for-profit and nonprofit alike, has taught me that in order to understand a community, you must have an open heart — and you must listen. I have learned that in order to identify a true need, and then to co-create a solution that will effectively and efficiently address that need, one must to be acutely aware of who is being represented and who is not being heard. By engaging the latter, we collectively uncover exciting opportunities to affect true and meaningful change.” 

The Buck Family Fund is one of the MCF’s Family Supporting Organizations, with the goal of creating “equity of opportunity for every resident of Marin.” To learn more visit 

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