We’re honored by what people say. Presented here, are some of our favorite quotes from people who have experienced recent CVNL signature events.

Heart of Marin

Congratulations for putting together a wonderful event! I’ve attended far too many events that are mediocre at best. The Heart of Marin was top notch logistically and programmatically. What I appreciated the most though is feeling an increased sense of responsibility as well as a reinvigorated sense of conection. That kind of experience is only possible when event organization is solid, so thank you!
–Miguel Gavaldon, Marin Community Foundation Trustee

The ambiance in the room yesterday was magical (January 2015). The presentation of the list of honoree nominees was artfully and very tightly, but tastefully, mastered. Several people have called or emailed to say how much they enjoyed the joyful buzz that radiated through the event. Of course, I’m never humble, but the list including me was impressive, so I jumped when my name was called. How thrilling. What you may not know “from the olden days” is that Grace Hughes nominated me the first or second year of the award to the nonprofit top leadership award. I plan to live on and accept the invitation of this award to keep giving where my heart leads me. I will distribute the $5000 equally to The Fairfax San Anselmo Children Center, The Parent Services Project, Legal Aid of Marin and The Hanah Project for Academic Achievement. If I could raise an additional $3000 each could get $2000. I’ll keep trying and keep you informed. With my LOVE and gratitude. Ethel xo
–Ethel Seiderman, Heart of Marin Lifetime Achievement Award winner 2014, The Fairfax San Anselmo Children Center, The Parent Services Project, Legal Aid of Marin and The Hanah Project for Academic Achievement

2015 Marin Human Race

The Marin Human Race is a special event for Halleck Creek Ranch. Our board, staff, riders, families and volunteers all participate. Not only do we raise funds for our programs we have a good time doing it!
–Barbara Hill, ED, Halleck Creek Ranch

Marin County School Volunteers was absolutely thrilled to participate in the Marin Human Race this year! It served multiple purposes. We joyfully exceeded our fundraising goal of $10,000 — but benefits went far beyond that. We were able to reach out to so many friends, supporters, constituents — and other nonprofits — who learned about our mission, our impact and our collaborations.
> –Pamela Franklin, Ph.D., Executive Director, Marin County School Volunteers

My colleagues and I are still elated about the Marin Human Race! It exceeded all our expectations — not only did we surpass our fundraising goal ($10,000), we had the opportunity to informally gather with other community partners in a fun, healthy and collaborative setting! “ We were able to reach out to folks that otherwise would not be aware of Marin County School Volunteers. It increased both our visibility, unquestionably! Partnering with CVNL in the Human Race has been a delight! While our initial goals in joining the event were targeted exclusively at fundraising, the meetings, support and collaboration with other non-profits, provided more benefits than anticipated! We exceeded our fundraising goal, but of equal importance, was the networking and outreach this event provided.
–Pamela Franklin, Ph.D., Executive Director, Marin County School Volunteers

Marin Advocates for Children really appreciates CVNL providing us with this fundraising opportunity. I would recommend this event for any non-profit that’s looking for a way to raise funds with a minimum of work and a maximum of fun.
–Cyndy Doherty, Executive Director, Marin Advocates for Children

The Marin Human Race provided us at the Integrative Restoration Institute a wonderful opportunity to come together as a non-profit organization and community to raise funds and awareness towards our mission! We continue to be inspired and we look forward to supporting this event again next year!
–Mary Jo Johnson, Operations & Project Manager, Integrative Restoration Institute

As part of the San Rafael Chamber’s San Rafael Leadership Institute, the 2014-15 Leadership Institute class chose to utilize the Marin Human Race to raise funds on behalf of Senior Access and its “Reach Out and Help” project. Reach Out and Help is Senior Access’s first major project supporting their vision of a more Senior Friendly Marin. The project began in June 2014 with the training of 60 first responders from the San Rafael Fire Department to 1) recognize when an elderly patient is experiencing age-related problems and/or dementia and 2) link them to community resources they might not otherwise be aware of. Reach Out and Help plans to expand to include training in all fire departments in Marin County, and required an additional $12,500 to achieve this goal. The Marin Human Race gave our class of 25 participants an established fund raising infrastructure so that we could focus on raising funds — we’ve successfully raised nearly $10,000 to donate to Senior Access in support of its Reach Out and Help project. We could not be more pleased with the organization and effectiveness of The Marin Human Race as a partner in our efforts.
–Dan Eilerman, Assistant County Administrator, Office of the County Administrator, County of Marin

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