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Leadership Presence Online Lunch & Learn

Grab your sandwich or salad and join us for this FREE Online Zoom event with Charlotte Kells, Executive Coach and Consultant with Kells Associates. Based on a survey conducted by Glenn Llopis mentioned in a recent article In Forbes Magazine, less than 15% of people have truly defined their personal brand and less than 5% are living it consistently at work – each and every day.  He believes that the reason for this is that it can be extremely challenging, requiring a tremendous amount of “self-awareness, action, and accountability.”

He goes on to say, “what I didn’t tell you is that 70% of professionals believe they have defined their personal brand and 50% believe they are living it.  But when you “peel-back-the-onion,” you realize that their focus was centered on self-promotion rather than a commitment to advance themselves by serving others.”

Developing our own personal leadership brand is essential for our success as a non-profit leader.  To become influential, we must be mindful of how others are experiencing us . . . our leadership presence?  How do others perceive our value to the success of our organization and its mission?  Then, we need to ask ourselves, how do we want others to experience us?  And, how can we create a personal leadership brand that is authentic and true to our own values while demonstrating to others that we are fully committed and accountable to their needs.

At this CVNL Lunch and Learn, Charlotte will give us an opportunity to assess our own personal brand and begin to formulate a plan to increase our self-awareness and strategy for enhancing our leadership presence going forward.

About Charlotte:

A principal consultant and owner at Kells Associates, Charlotte helps her clients translate creative possibilities into strategic outcomes. She is highly effective in using 360 feedback and other assessments for “action learning” in her Executive Coaching and team development work. People count on her for her ability to quickly assess needs and custom design leadership development initiatives to successfully meet client goals!